Distributed PDL uses five PPCL commands that must be defined in the following order:

  1. PDLMTR – Monitors consumption meters to determine power usage, maintains consumption reports, predicts usage, issues warnings, and restarts meters.
  2. PDLSET – Assigns various consumption limiting setpoints to specific time intervals.
  3. PDLDPG – Distributes the difference between the PDL resident object and the setpoint.
  4. PDL – Maintains the target kilowatt consumption level by shedding and restoring loads as needed.
  5. PDLDAT – Defines a power consuming load that will be controlled by a PDL command.
    • The predictor automation station must have the PDLMTR, PDLSET, and PDLDPG commands defined in its PPCL program.
    • Each load-handling automation station must have the PDL and PDLDAT statements defined in its PPCL program.

This configuration assumes that the predictor automation station does not have any loads defined. If the predictor automation station is also controlling loads, the PDL and PDLDAT commands must also be defined in the PPCL program.