With Distributed PDL, an automation station on the network monitors meter readings, forecasts the demand, and assigns shed targets to the other automation stations on the network.

Distributed PDL can only work on Protocol 2 networks.

The Predictor Automation Station

PPCL statements are entered in a specified automation station (called the predictor automation station) to control all meter monitoring and demand forecasts for a meter area. All meter inputs from the field must be connected directly to the predictor automation station.

The predictor automation station compares predicted demand to the demand limit setpoint and decides how many kilowatts of load must be shed for the meter area. In addition to monitoring and predicting demand, the predictor automation station is also responsible for keeping data for the reports.

Each predictor automation station can control a total of seven load-handling automation stations.

The Load-Handling Automation Stations

Each load-handling automation station receives a demand target from the predictor panel.

The load-handling automation station maintains the demand target level by shedding and restoring the loads that it controls.