The following PPCL commands are defined in the automation station for the TOD function:

  • TODMOD – Defines the types of schedules (normal, weekend, etc.) for each day of the week. The TODMOD statement must be defined first.
  • HOLIDA – Used in conjunction with the TOD function to set schedules for equipment during holidays. The HOLIDA command must be placed before any TOD or TODSET commands.
  • TOD – Commands up to 16 digital objects ON or OFF at specified times.
  • TODSET – Sets the values of up to ten analog objects at specified start and stop times during the day.
  • The TOD and TODSET commands do not have to be defined in a specific order.

Schedules can also be created using the Time-of-Day (TOD) calendar that offers a menu-driven interface. For complete information on defining and maintaining daily operating schedules using the TOD calendar, see the PXC.A Reference Manual (A6V12954388) or the PXC.A Web Interface User Guide (A6V12893115).