Resident points provide time-based and system status information. These points are used to determine the time, date, month, and day of the month, or to monitor alarms, modes of operation (DAY or NIGHT), and communication between nodes.

The value of a resident point can be tested or assigned to other points.

Resident points are predefined and maintained by the device. Since each device maintains its own set of resident points, a resident point cannot be used across the network.

Do not use resident points in TABLE commands.

PPCL supports the following resident points:

  • Alarm count (ALMCNT)
  • Battery status ($BATT)
  • Decimal time (CRTIME)
  • Day (DAY)
  • Day of the month (DAYOFM)
  • Communications link (LINK)
  • Month (MONTH)
  • Peak Demand Limiting point ($PDL)
  • Seconds counter (SECNDS)
  • Seconds counters (SECND1 through SECND7)
  • Military time (TIME)