The general rules for PPCL are as follows:

  • Each PPCL program contains one or more PPCL statements.
  • Each PPCL statement must be assigned a unique line number. Valid program line numbers are 1 through 32,767.
  • The maximum number of program lines a device can contain is limited to the amount of free memory of that device.
  • The maximum number of characters in a single line is 512.
    NOTE: Good programming practice is to not use the maximum number of characters in a single line as it becomes hard to read.
  • When transferring program control from a subroutine (GOSUB), you must use the RETURN command.
  • For APOGEE firmware only:
    • Each automation station running PPCL contains one or more separate programs.
    • The last line of the program does not need to be executed on every pass of the program.