Dimensions and Weight

DXA.S04P1 and DXA.S04P2 (IP20)

DXA.S04P1-B and DXA.S04P2-B (IP54)

117 mm x 102 mm x 48 mm
(4.6” H x 4.0” W x 1.9” D)

157 mm x 119 mm x 53 mm
(6.2” H x 4.7” W x 2.1” D)

DXA.S04P1 and DXA.S04P2 (IP20)

DXA.S04P1-B and DXA.S04P2-B (IP54)

0.1 kg (5 oz.)

0.3 kg (11 oz.)

Power supply

Operating voltage

AC 24V (+20%, -15%).


50/60 Hz.

Power consumption excluding connected field devices

Max. 7 VA
Units dated before 09.23.2019 are rated Max. 17 VA.

Internal fuse

Resettable PTC.


Do not use the voltage output on the DXR2.17C… to provide power to the APS (DXA.S04P1…).



Dedicated digital sensor communication.

Baud rate: 115.2kbps.

Short-circuit proof. Protection against faulty wiring at max. AC 24V.

Wiring connections

Pluggable screw terminals

Copper wire or copper strands with ferrules
1 x 0.6 mm ø to 2.5 mm2 (22 to 14 AWG) or
2 x 0.6 mm ø to 1 mm2 (22 to 18 AWG)

Copper strands without ferrules
1 x 0.6 mm ø to 2.5 mm2 (22 to 14 AWG) or
2 x 0.6 mm ø to 1.5 mm2 (22 to 16 AWG)

Slotted screws

Size 1, tightening torque 0.6 Nm (0.44 lb‑ft)

Wiring lengths for signals.

SCOM RS-485 80 m (262 ft)
Termination required >30m (100 ft)
Signal lines 80 m (260 ft)

Ambient conditions and protection classification

Classification as per EN 60730

Function of automatic control devices
Degree of contamination
Overvoltage category


Type 1

Design type

Device suited for use with equipment of safety classes I and II.

Degree of protection of housing to EN 60529

Airflow pressure sensor
With box cover



Climatic ambient conditions

  • Transport (packaged for transport) as per EN 60721‑3‑2
  • Operation as per EN 60721-3-3.


  • Class 2K3
    Temperature -25...70 °C (-13... 158 °F)
    Air humidity 5...95%.
  • Class 3K5
    Temperature -5...50 °C (23... 122 °F)
    Air humidity 5...95%.

Mechanical ambient conditions

Transport as per EN 60721-3-2
Operation as per EN 60721-3-3


Class 2M2.
Class 3M2.

Standards, directives and approvals

Product standard

IEC/UL/EN 60730-1.
EN 14175 part 6
Certified VAV system CET solution for laboratories and clean rooms at pressure range or 100…1000 Pa.

EU conformity (CE)

EN 60730-1: 2011

UK conformity (UKCA)

See UK declaration 1)(A6V13734602)

RCM conformity

AS/NZS 61000-6-3 : 2012

UL Approbation

UL916, http://database.ul.com


CSA C22.2 No 205

Federal Communications Commission

FCC CFR 47 Part 15 subpart B Class B.

Environmental compatibility

The product environmental declaration (Siemens Standard SN36350) contains data on environmentally compatible product design and assessments (RoHS compliance, materials composition, packaging, environmental benefit, disposal).


ISO 9001 (Quality)