Set time slave remotely - Basic Documentation - RMK770-1

Communication via the KNX bus

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The operating line "Rem set clock slave" can be used to configure a time slave so that the time and date can be set by an operator. The new values are then transmitted via the KNX bus to the time master.

Main menu > Commissioning > Communication > Basic settings

Clock time operation: Slave with
"Rem set clock slave:" Yes

Remote time-slave setting for RM… controller

Default value: Yes

Setting values: No/Yes

Setting values

Rem set clock slave: Yes The time slave transmits the remote time and/or date settings to the time master. The time master transmits the values received to all time slaves (including any remotely adjustable slave(s).

Rem set clock slave: No Time slaves with this setting can only receive the time and date from the time master.


All time slaves can operate with the default setting "Rem set clock slave: Yes". However, it is also possible for only one  time slave (or none) to operate with this value.


Time in the
QAW740 room unit

For its timer functions, the QAW740 room unit requires the time from the time master. It can receive the time over the KNX bus subject to the following criteria:

  • A bus device must be defined as the time master (setting "Clock time op: Master").

  • The QAW740 room unit is connected to an RM… controller via a "Geogr. Zone (apartm.)". For communication and filtering purposes (see Section 8.2), the time master and the room unit should be in the same "Geogr. Zone (apartm.)". However, this is not mandatory.

  • The room unit must have received the time from the time master. Note: The time master transmits the time only every 10 minutes.