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Communication via the KNX bus

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The area, line and device address are factory-set in the RM… controllers. The settings can be read with the RMZ790, RMZ791, and RMZ792 operator units at the Service level (indicated by the symbol).

Start page:
Selecting the main menu

From the start page, press the OK knob for access to the "Main menu" (see below).


On delivery from the factory, the start page displays the word "Welcome" instead of the device name.

Main menu


The bottom of an operating page is indicated by the "Arrow Up" symbol. To access the top of the page, turn the knob counter-clockwise.

Path to the "Basic settings" page

The path to access the "Basic settings" page containing the factory-set addresses is as follows:

Main menu > Device information > Communication > Basic settings

Device information


Basic settings


With access at the Service level, the setting values on the "Basic settings" page are read-only values. This is indicated by the fact that the black bar does not cover the whole operating line, i.e. the settings themselves are not highlighted.

In small networks, the KNX bus can be commissioned with the factory-set area address 0 (zero) and line address 2. These addresses are permissible only if:

  • The Synco bus devices are installed in Area 0 and Line 2 of a network, and not assigned to other areas and lines by means of super-ordinate area and line couplers.

Read other basic settings

The other basic settings under "Communication" can be read by rotating the knob clockwise.