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Communication via the KNX bus

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Filter setting
"Normal (route)"

The predefined LTE filter table is available in the Siemens area/line coupler N140/x3 from Version R2, and in the Siemens IP router N146 from Version R4.

The filter setting "Normal (route)" either blocks or routes the LTE telegrams from the zones and zone addresses.

Zones LTE telegrams of the following zone addresses are…
Disabled Routed
Geographical zones1) 1…110 111…126
Heat distribution zones2) 1…15 16…31
Refrig. distribution zones3) 1…15 16…31
Air distribution zone 1…15 16…31
Boiler sequencing zone 1…8 9…16
DHW zone 1…15 16…31
Holiday/special day zone4) 1…15 16…31
Outside temperature zone4) 1…15 16…31
Solar zone4) 1…15 16…31
Wind zone4) 1…15 16…31
LTE transmission zones 1…3839 3840…4095
LTE reception zones 1…3839 3840…4095


The zone address in the filter table with the attributes "Blocked" or "Routed" are predefined and these attributes cannot be modified.

1) The geographical zones comprise:

  • Geographical zone (apartm.), … (Room), … (Subzone)

  • Time switch zone (apartment)… (Room), … (Subzone)

  • Time switch slave (apartment)

  • Master/slave zone (apartm.), … (Room), … (Subzone)

  • QAW (apartment)

2) The heat distribution zones comprise:

  • Heat distr zone source side

  • Heat distr zone consumer side

  • Heat distr zone heating surface

  • Heat distribution zone air heater

  • Heat distrib. zone, primary distr.

  • Heat distrib. zone, primary ctrller

3) The refrigeration distribution zones comprise:

  • Refrig distr zone source side

  • Refrig. distr zone consumer side

  • Cold distribution zone air cooler.

  • Refrig distr zone cooling surface

4) In these zones only one devices transmits LTE telegrams to several devices. Example: The device to which the outside temperature sensor is connected, measures the outside temperature. Only this device transmits the outside temperature value to the other devices which also need this value (multiple use of sensor values).