Points to check prior to commissioning - Basic Documentation - RMK770-1

Communication via the KNX bus

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General points to check

The following points must be checked before commissioning starts.

  • Check that bus devices and field devices are installed.

  • Check the wiring against the plant wiring diagram.

  • Check that all devices have an operating voltage:

AC 24 V: Synco 700 RM… controllers, RXL room controllers, OZW775 central communication unit. The RMZ792 bus operator unit can be operated with AC 24 V or powered via the KNX bus.

AC 230 V: RXB room controllers, OZW771 central communication unit,
Synco living central apartment unit QAX9x3

Devices without a direct connection for the operating voltage:
QAW740 room unit, and operator units RMZ790, RMZ791

  • Existing bus power supply. Delivered by:
    - DPSU: Synco 700 devices set to "Decentral bus power = On".
    - PSU: Central bus power supply from power supply unit(s).

  • Check that the plant is ready for operation.


Commissioning is described in detail in the installation instructions for each individual device.

Checking communication

Communication is active if the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • Power supplied to the bus.

  • Time and date set.

  • Device addresses set.

  • Zone addresses set.

  • Devices not in commissioning mode.

Communication of process values

The communication of process values requires that the zones are connected in the devices via the zone addresses (see Section 7.1).