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Communication via the KNX bus

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Service tool OCI700.1

The OCI700.1 service tool is used to commission and diagnose devices in the Synco, SIGMAGYR and ALBATROS ranges, and to operate plants via the KNX bus or local process bus (LPB) (see data sheet N5655).

When ordering, use type code OCI700.1. No license is required for operation. The tool is supplied as a complete kit in a service case:

  1. CD-ROM with
    - Operating software
    - Service software
    - Documentation

  2. OCI700 service interface

  3. USB cable, Type B socket

  4. KNX service cable, RJ45 For Synco devices

  5. LPB service cable, RJ12 For SIGMAGYR and ALBATROS controllers
    (not illustrated below)

OCI700 service interface

The OCI700 service interface converts the signals between the USB port on the PC/laptop and the tool interface on the bus device (RJ45 connection).

There is no need to set parameters for the service interface. Only the central unit (OCI700-KNX) needs to be selected via the software, after which communication is established with the device (and other devices on the bus).

Synco devices with
a tool interface

The following Synco devices have a tool interface. They can be connected directly to a PC/laptop via the OCI700 service interface.

  • RM… controllers

  • RX… room controllers

  • QAX9x3 central apartment unit

  • OZW772 web server


All other bus devices have no tool interface. Communication with these devices is possible indirectly, via Synco devices with a tool interface and the KNX bus.

Bus power supply

The OCI700 service interface does not supply power to the KNX bus.

A central or distributed bus power supply unit is required to communicate via the KNX bus (see Section 2.2).