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Communication via the KNX bus

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The "Geographical zone (apartment)" represents the room to be controlled. Within this zone, all process values relevant to the room are transmitted (e.g. room operating mode, room setpoint and measured room value, plus user intervention and other influences).

Setting values

The factory setting or default value for the RM… series B controllers is "---". This default value indicates that the zone is "out of service", i.e. no relevant process values are transmitted within this zone.

Main menu > Commissioning > Communication > Room

Operating line Range Factory setting or default value
Geographical zone (apartment) ----, 1...126 ----
Time switch slave (apartment) ----, 1...126 ----


Factory setting or default value "----" applies to all RM… series B controllers.

Autonomous controller

In the "Autonomous controller" application, a ventilation system is controlled independently of other plant, according to its own room operating conditions.

For this application there is no need to set a zone address for the "Geographical zone (apartment)", i.e. the default "---" can be left as is.

Two controllers with identical room occupancy times

Function "Time switch operation"

If the room occupancy times for various "geographical zones" are identical, one controller can be defined as the time switch master.

The other controller or controllers act as slaves, and adopt the occupancy times in the master.


With regard to room occupancy times, the "Heating circuit 2" controller is the slave of the controller of "Ventilation 1", because the setting "Time sw. slave (apartm.) = 1" means that time switch operation is adopted by "Geogr. Zone = 1" i.e. by the controller of "Ventilation 1".

In terms of the room operating mode, the "Heating circuit 2" controller operates autonomously, see "Geogr. zone = ----" in the illustration.

Only one controller may be the time switch master in any one zone. The setting for the master is "TS slave (apartm.) = ----".

A time switch master can control one or more time switch slaves in different zones. The setting for the slaves is "TS slave (apartm.) = x" where x = 1…126, the zone address of the time master.

For a detailed description of time switch operation with the RMU7x0B controller, see the technical principles document P3150.

Device-specific communication

Communication via zone addresses for specific devices is described in the basic documentation for the Synco 700 RM… controllers. These descriptions are all in the "Communication" section.

The titles and document numbers are as follows:

  • Universal controller: RMU710B, RMU720B, RMU730B: P3150

  • Modular heating controllers: RMH760B: P3133

  • Boiler sequence controller: RMK770: P3132

  • Central control unit: RMB795B: P3121

  • Switching and monitoring device: RMS705B: P3123

For information on the room controllers, see document:

  • FNC – Description of functions: RXB/RXL: CM110385