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Communication via the KNX bus

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In this document, the devices on in the table on the previous page may be referred to collectively as follows.

Synco 700 RM…controllers

The term "Synco 700 RM… controllers", or "RM… controllers" for short, refers to the following device types:

  • Universal controllers: RMU710B, RMU720B, RMU730B

  • Heating controllers: RMH760B

  • Boiler sequence controllers: RMK770

  • Central control units: RMB795B

  • Switching and monitoring device: RMS705B

RXB/RXL room controllers

The term "RXB/RXL room controllers" or "RX… room controllers" refers collectively to the following device types:

  • Room controllers: RXB21.1, RXB22.1

  • Room controllers: RXL21.1, RXL22.1

  • Room controllers: RXB39.1, RXL39.1

Room thermostats RD…

The term "Room thermostats RDx..." refers collectively to the following types:

  • Room thermostats: RDG100KN, RDG400KN

  • Room thermostats: RDF301, RDF301.50

  • Room thermostat: RDU341

Central communication units OZW77x

The term "Central communication unit OZW77x" refers collectively to the following types:

  • Central communication units: OZW771.xx (where xx = 4, 10, 64)

  • Web server: OZW772.xx (where xx = 1, 4, 16, 250)

Synco bus devices

The term "Synco bus devices" refers collectively to the following types:

  • Synco 700 controllers: RM…

  • Room controllers: RX…

  • Room unit: QAW740

  • Bus operator unit: RMZ792

  • Central communication units: OZW77x

  • Synco living central apartment unit: QAX9x3

Bus devices

"Bus devices" include the Synco bus devices (see above) and devices from third-party manufacturers. Bus units use a KNX network address.