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Communication via the KNX bus

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"Clock time operation" refers to the transmission of the date and time. For the RM… controllers, this is set on the "Clock time op:" line of the "Basic settings" operating page.

Main menu > Commissioning > Communication > Basic settings

Clock time operation: Master (time master)

Clock time operation: Slave (time slave)

Clock time operation: Autonomous

Clock time mode, RM… controllers

Default value: Master

Setting values: Autonom. / Slave / Master.

Setting values

Clock time op. Autonomous: The RM… controller does not receive or transmit the time or date (The device has its own time and date).

Clock time op. Slave: The RM… controller receives the time and date from the time master.

Clock time op. Master: The RM… controller transmits the time and date in a 10 minute cycle over the KNX bus, starting from the last time-synchronization.


Change time and date

The time and date in the time master can be changed as follows:

  • By the user, on the time master.

  • By the user, by remote adjustment of the time slave.

A user-adjustment of the time or date can be synchronized by pressing the rotary knob.


Only one bus device at a time can be the time master in a network. In relation to date and time, the other bus devices must be set as time "slaves" or set to "Autonomous."