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The RMZ790 and RMZ791 operator units can be used to assign an individual device name (e.g. plant name) to every RM… controller. This device name is displayed on the second line of the start page in the RMZ790 and RMZ791 operator units.

Home page

On delivery from the factory, the word "Welcome" is displayed instead of the device name.

Assign device names

We recommend that the device name be defined at the design engineering stage.

To assign a name, select the Service level and the following path:

Main menu > Settings > Texts


Write the text, via the "Texts" page and the line "Dv name" (= Device names):

  • Turn the knob as required to access the "Device name" page.

  • Turn the knob clockwise and select a character.

  • Press the knob to import the selected character to the text line.

Save the text line in the device:

  • Turn the knob counterclockwise until the OK field is displayed.

  • Press the knob to save the text line in the device.

  • Press ESC (repeatedly) to return to the start page, and check the device name.


The device name may contain up to 21 alphanumeric characters (maximum 21 characters including spaces)

Device names cannot be assigned to the Synco 700 RMZ78x extension modules.

A device name can be assigned to each device at the same time as the device address via ACS790.