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Communication via the KNX bus

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The following assumes a commercial building with a ground floor and four upper floors. On the ground floor is a retail outlet with a showroom. Each of the upper floors has four offices, three laboratories, and one IT room (server, printer, fax etc.) Access to the upper floors is via a staircase and service elevator. There are various alternatives for dividing this commercial building into operating zones.

Variant 1:

The commercial building is occupied by only one tenant. In this case, the building can easily be divided into 5 room groups or "geographical zone (apartm.)".

Ground floor: 🡺 Geographical zone (apartm.)=1 (Room group 1)

Stairwell: 🡺 Geographical zone (apartm.)=2 (Room group 2)

All IT rooms, Floors 1 – 4: 🡺 Geographical zone (apartm.)=3 (Room group 3)

All offices, Floors 1 – 4: 🡺 Geographical zone (apartm.)=4 (Room group 4)

All labs, Floors 1 – 4: 🡺 Geographical zone (apartm.)=5 (Room group 5)

Variant 2:

There are five tenants in the commercial building. Tenant 1 occupies the ground floor, and tenants 2 to 5 each occupy one of the four upper floors. All tenants have their own requirements for their offices and labs. From a technical perspective, this requires the building to be divided into eleven "geographical zone (apartm.)" or room groups.